Breakfast Blunder

I love breakfast, bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, french toast, orange juice, and don’t forget the pastries! OK, I don’t eat that all for breakfast, nor do I eat any of that but once in a blue moon. Fact is, many people do eat some of that almost every day. Delicious, yes, but is it giving you what your body needs, no.

I guess, if you wanted to argue semantics, it is giving you calories that you need for survival. Unfortunately, it is also killing you and robbing you of energy. I won’t get into how unhealthy sugary, and carb loaded breakfasts can be. Your body burns through these sugar-filled carbohydrates quickly and leaves you tired within a short period of time.

A great solution is oatmeal. Oh, don’t give me that look. I am not talking about the oatmeal that your grandma gave you that was like wall plaster, nor am I talking about that instant stuff that is processed and takes two seconds to make. No, I am talking about wholesome, steel cut oats that must be cooked.

These oats have not been processed and retain all of their nutrients that are stripped to make the instant oatmeal. These oats take longer and need more energy from your body to digest. That means that your body burns more calories to digest them, and since they take longer to breakdown, they keep you satisfied longer.

There are many great recipes for oatmeal that taste great. I slow cook mine in a crock pot overnight. I’ll include that recipe soon, but for now, I have this tasty sounding one from The Food Network Kitchen. I posted it on the recipe page here.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!