No More Number Living

We all want to succeed. We want to lose weight. We want to look and feel good. We all have goals. The problem is that the farther I got along in reaching goals I realize that I might have been focused on the wrong thing. I had the prize all wrong.

The prize is not reaching a number on a scale or a number of days without cheating. The real goal is staying on course. Keeping on with the fight to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If the goal is a number, then there will always be something to disappoint you. If it is a number then what do you do when you hit it? Go on a binge or a feeding frenzy? That leads to guilt and shame. Then you throw in the towel.

The goal is living a balanced life. Life is a long journey with ups and downs on the weight loss front. Don’t shoot for a number shot for balance. It is OK to splurge every once in a while if the goal is a lifestyle and not a number. Tomorrow is another day in the healthy journey.

I have found that if I number hunt, I deprive myself so much for so long, that as soon as I hit it I think I am off the hook and easily fall back into bad habits. I had been longing to splurge so long I go overboard to fulfill the cravings. The key is balance.

Weight loss can be conquered with balance, moderation and remembering that every day is a new day.

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