It was a hot and humid summer in sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL. All, it took, was one summer vacation in the early 1980’s to change my life forever. I was around ten years old and visiting my grandparents. That summer I was bored beyond any I could recall. Stuck in a retirement community with no friends and no form of entertainment.

I was an early riser staying in a home of late sleepers. I found myself going to the kitchen and eating several helpings of breakfast before anyone got up. By the time the summer ended and I had headed home, the damage had been done.

As the new school year approached, I remember going school clothes shopping, and now needed to shop in the husky section. I have never been back to a normal weight range for my height and build (except for a few months), since that summer almost 30 years ago.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was able to get close stay at the top end of my weight range, but always on the heavier side. After I had gotten married, my weight began to balloon and I spent all my days gaining, losing and gaining weight. I’d lose and then gain back more than before. I constantly hit new high weight marks.

I loved to eat. I have many theories on why. Maybe it was because my parents never let me have sugary foods or because my weight caused me to have self-esteem problems, and food released pleasurable endorphins that made me feel better. Then one day, I realized, I had become addicted to food. Whatever the reason, the damage was done. I battled, and have battled for what seems toBefore and after be an eternity.

Now, I am determined that this battle is about to end. I am about to claim ultimate victory. I am on the downward slope of weight and plan to stay at a healthy size for the rest of my life. How? Over my journey, I have met a lot of people, tried a lot of products, read a lot of material, and learned many tricks.

My goal is to share them with those who, like me, are ready to conquer this enemy once and for all. Weight Loss Conqueror is for all who need the support, and encouragement to continue to run the race to lose weight, want to live a healthy lifestyle, to break addictions and to maintain the victories forever.

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